Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Good and generous!

There is little doubt that America’s readiness to use violence to keep our nation and/or our homes safe and secure, stems from our confidence that “we are a Christian nation” and a good and generous people whose motives are beyond reproach. Such self-understanding gives birth to a sure sense of privilege to use any means necessary to advance the cause of democracy and freedom as well as to protect our homes and private property. Such is the work of patriots. Because we are a good and generous people, the violence we may be forced to use to accomplish God’s purposes is not to be considered deplorable, only necessary. In the final analysis violence can be praised and glorified, even construed as redemptive. Nothing is nobler than defending the honor of our Creator, protecting our precious families, or safeguarding the cause of freedom and democracy. Using violence when necessary in support of these righteous causes is not only justified, it is a moral obligation.—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 56

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I'd say he pegged the situation, wouldn't you?

But, what if the first proposition is wrong? What if we aren't "a Christian nation"? And how do you define Christian nation? Wesley attacked that problem with respect to England way back in the 1700s! His conclusion? England—and every other country!—fell far short! (See the sermons entitled "Scriptural Christianity" [sermon 4] and "The General Spread of the Gospel" [sermon 63] for details)

Further, the second proposition, that we are a "good and generous people" is questionable. If we are good and generous, then why the drone strikes? If by good and generous, you mean good at sending an unmanned missile at a target and generous in the sense of doing it repeatedly, I concur! We are good at doing the equivalent of V-1 & V-2 German rockets in WWII! But, I suspect that's not what people mean, is it?

Perhaps you mean good at exporting a materialistic outlook on life? Yes, we are very generous with our materialistic outlook! Our self-indulgence is exported to the ends of the earth! Look for the Coke and McDonald's (just to name two) outlets all over the world! We're good at it—and generous, too! Why, we even gave away Coke for free in China—to get them hooked! How is that different from the drug pusher who gives away a few pills, knowing that the person will be enslaved to them for life?

Or perhaps you mean pornography? We're good at that! So good that some estimate as many as 70% of males are addicted to it (personally, I think that number is a bit high, but still...). And generous? Why, to a fault! We make it available freely on the Internet!

A Christian nation? I think we should reread the Gospels at the bare minimum, starting with Matthew 5–7...

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