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Why do American people need such enormous levels of firepower in both weapons of war and domestic handguns? Why do we need extended magazines for semi-automatic weapons filled with cop-killer bullets to penetrate so-called bulletproof vests? Why do law-abiding citizens need silencers for their guns, or grenades, or the latest assault weapons that are issued to the 101st Airborne and the U.S. Marines?—America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose, page 61 (emphasis original)

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Indeed! Why? Unless they are living a fantasy?

I suspect it is the the myth of redemptive violence playing out. The lone hero, rescuing the damsel in distress. Or showdown at high noon on Main Street. The problem is that those are myths. They didn't really happen and the don't really happen—except in Hollywood.

Instead, real people, people with flesh and blood, people that Jesus died for, frequently your own family, get seriously injured or killed.

Is that worth it? Apparently 2/3 of the U.S. doesn't think so; they don't own a firearm (see here [HT: Jim West]). Even most Texans don't! Only about 36% own a gun.

That figure makes me pause. If 2/3 don't own a weapon, but there are enough guns in the U.S. for 90% to own one, then those who own a firearm are likely to own 3 or more.

So, let's extrapolate a bit more. One-third of Americans own guns, but most guns are owned by males. So, if you own one firearm, you likely own 6. How does the gun industry keep selling more weapons? Either they try to expand their market into the other 66% of Americans, or they sell more to those who already own 6 or more.

What's the best way to sell guns? Fear! How convenient for them that fear works to expand their market and sell more weapons to those who already could outfit their own militia!

Perfect love casts out all fear. I John

A big gun casts out all fear! NRA

Turn the other cheek. Vengeance belongs to the LORD. Jesus

You have a responsibility to defend your property/country/family and a big gun is the way to do it. NRA

Which are you going to choose? Yes, I do believe it really is that stark a difference and contrast.

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