Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ouch! Guilty!

I'm reading through, almost as a devotional, Zondervan's delightful little book I (Still) Believe. I hit this one last night, and it was a real "aha!" moment:
A group of Korean women and I were gathered around the text of Judges 4–5. They were quite appreciative of Jael's exploits in her killing of Sisera, while I explained that I and most U.S. women like me had a difficult time with this part of the story. From the opposite end of the long table one Korean lay woman leaned forward to respond with passion and authority:"If you women in the U.S. would just realize that your place in this story is [not with Jael but rather] with Sisera's mother, waiting to collect the spoil of your interventions across the world..." (p. 220, citing Women, Gender, and Christian Community, ed. J.D. Douglas and J.F. Kay [Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1997], 22)

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