Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Boundary Waters are burning

We are getting ready to go on vacation. We will be visiting our daughter, son-in-law and grandson in Grand Marais, Minnesota and our son in Shakopee, MN. While we are there, Ryan (our son) and I are planning on spending a few days backpacking along the Superior Hiking Trail (eat your heart out, Joe!).

Today, my son calls me and says that there is a fire in the Boundary Waters, see the picture below. So far, it is far up the Gunflint trail, so we can still backpack, but we will probably smell it.

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Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...

Once I was hiking up near Yellowstone and I kept smelling ash. The next day I came to a trail head and spotted a bunch of men in yellow suits. They were smoke jumpers and were not at all happy that I was still in the backcountry. They very quickly informed me that I needed to get the heck (not their word) out of Dodge. Transport was arrianged and I left post haste. Be careful if you are smelling ash - keep a good raido tuned to the right frequency. Those were the lessons I learned. And yes, for the record I will be eating my heart out.

Have a Great Time