Friday, July 07, 2006

The fountain of youth? part 2

I promised an update on the Twinkie. Marti chose not to try it, but Andy, our webmaster, was a bit more adventurous. Here is what he reports (via e-mail):
I felt adventurous. If Jim can try haggis for breakfast, I can try a geriatric Twinkie.

The texture and taste reminds me strongly of flat, cold cornbread with butter frosting, and the filling has assumed a faint, tangy, chemical flavor. The cream filling flavor lingers for quite some time.

I now feel a bit light-headed and a little unreal. It could be that I just need to go eat some real lunch.

There's plenty of Twinkie left if anyone wishes to confirm my findings.

No one did. Andy appears quite normal today, so the effects, if any, were limited.

Any takers on next year's tasting test? :)

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