Monday, July 17, 2006

Science experiment?

It has been hot and humid here for about a week. How humid? Well, I wear a helmet when I ride my bicycle—I learned the hard way, 12 staples in the head makes one realize the value of a helmet. Anyway, because I sweat profusely, the straps get a good deal of salt on them and I am not the best about cleaning them off. They were getting quite a build up, having turned white instead of black. Last week I went to put the helmet on, and the straps were wet. I thought maybe Debbie had washed them for me, but no, she hadn't. The salt on the straps had acted as a wick for all the moisture in the air! Isn't that gross? But, that's how humid it has been, around 90%. This poor northern boy is melting in the Indiana sun.

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