Thursday, November 22, 2007

AAR/SBL tear down

Usually the tear down starts to occur after closing on the last day. Not this year! Starting at about 11:15, you could see people starting to tear down their booths, and you could hear the sound of tape guns being used all around the hall, Eisenbrauns included. We all had flights to catch that left around 4:00 PM. Normally, tear down takes about 3 hours and the exhibit hall closes at noon. Do the math. Catching a 4:00 flight is pretty tight! Besides, their were very few people in the exhibit hall who were buying anything.

Here are a few pictures of tear down to give you an idea of what happens after the show:

OK, so the show wasn't over yet :) One of the first things they do is pull up the aisle carpet so that they can bring out the skids.

We came with 4 tall skids. We left with 2 skids, plus a half skid. One of the skids is display materials, so we always have that.

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