Monday, November 26, 2007

Kitten update

I had several people ask me at AAR/SBL about the status of the kitten. I am very happy to inform you that the kitten has become very healthy and is no longer just fur and bones. In fact, it tried to climb a tree the other day; quite a change from what it was like when we found it.

Joshua, our grandson, had a good time playing with it over the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. It still lives in the barn, so when Debbie went out to feed it, Joshua would go along. The first day Joshua was here, Debbie brought it back to the house and we allowed it to be in the kitchen for a few minutes. It enjoyed climbing all over Joel, purring loudly, prompting Joel to name it FM for Fuzzy Motor. I don't know if the name will stick or not...


Stephen C. Carlson said...

One can't do cat blogging properly without a cute picture of the kitten.

jps said...


As soon as I walked into work this AM, I was accosted by a similar request. I have put the camera in my pack, and will try to get a picture tonight. But, it gets dark early here and the batteries may not be good enough, and... OK, enough excuses! I should have one to post tomorrow :)