Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The dollar and books

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I'm sitting here listening to Mozart and setting up new books, when I run across this little curve ball:
You know the dollar is in the tank when publishers no longer print the price on their website! I was setting up a new Blackwell book today and went to their website for all the details, only find that the price is not displayed. They refer me to Wiley's website. Yikes! Does that mean the price will change between now and when it publishes later this month?
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Chuck Jones said...

I'd be interested to know if you can see a downturn in the sale of monographs to libraries (or to your library vendors, principally YPB I expect) this year. The more than 10% drop in the value of the dollar with respect to the Pound or the Euro is absolutely killing! My guess is libraries will try to keep standing orders, continuations, subscription, but cut back on monographs.