Monday, November 12, 2007


OK, that was a weekend. We moved this weekend; it was only a 4 mile move, but those tend to be the worst ones, since you don't prepare for them adequately. We also managed to lock ourselves out of the house on Sunday afternoon :(

Yep, not even in the house 48 hours and locked out. It is has one of those doors that stays locked even when you open it; we haven't had one of those for years and forgot. Debbie walked out to sweep the porch, and I walked out about 2 minutes later to change the door knob on the garage. I pulled the door shut and didn't think anything. A few minutes later, Debbie asked if I had a key. Uh oh! Nope, we both walked out without a key. Now what?

Well, I had repaired a basement window temporarily with duct tape, so it wasn't really in there very well. So, I pushed the plexiglass pane in—only to find out that the window had steel bars preventing easy entry. Yikes, now what? Hmmm. The bottom side of the frame, also steel, appeared to be rusted, if I could just break enough of it away to slide the window off its frame and release it...15 minutes later, it gave way and I was able to slide through into the basement and open the door.

First order of business: extra keys!

Verse for the day: In everything give thanks...

Now, to unpack enough to pack back up for AAR/SBL. We leave on Thursday morning.

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Andy said...

I am convinced that one of the first things that happens to you in any new place is that you lock yourself out, and have to break into your own house. That's the way it's worked for me, anyway, and you have a vague idea of how many places I've lived....