Monday, June 22, 2009

ATLA Day 2

Seems they roll up the streets in downtown St. Louis after 9:00 PM on a weeknight. By the time I got ready to go to dinner, there weren't many choices within walking distance. I ended up just going to the hotel's eatery. I ordered a reuben, asking for extra kraut—triple the kraut actually. Most restaurants just run a few strings of kraut over their reubens, but a reuben needs kraut to be any good. When the waitress brought out the sandwich, she told me she hadn't just asked for extra kraut, but had made the cook put some more on the side. I dissected the sandwich and added the extra kraut. Finally, a reuben with enough kraut on it!

I take back what I said about the food being all sugar on the breaks. The morning break had orange juice, apple juice, V-8™, granola bars, apples, bananas, and oranges. No milk, but better than sugar and grease. I had some more good conversations with people, showing them our wares. As always, people appreciated our reasonable prices in comparison to some publishers.

After the final break and drawing, it was time to tear down, pack up and head home. I had forgotten to bring our portable 2-wheeler, so it was a one box at a time trek to the car. Hauling boxes in 90 degree heat is not my idea of fun.

The drive home was hot, but the sky was beautiful with storm clouds all around. I managed to stay ahead of the storm until Indianapolis, where I turned north. The lightning was lighting up the sky with long fingers and I knew it was just a matter of time before the rain hit. Sure enough, about an hour from home it started raining hard. By then it was dark, too, so 45 MPH was the maximum speed, but I got home safely.

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