Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Over the weekend, I picked strawberries—50 pounds of them! We like strawberries :)

It took me about 3 hours to pick them, then we had to process them. We make them into freezer jam and use it on our bread and in our home made yogurt. The yogurt is especially good.

Just so you know, 50 pounds of strawberries—after you subtract the amount we ate and turned into mashed strawberries for putting on things this week—makes about 50 pints of jam. If you are interested, and you're probably not, that equals 17 packages of pectin and 30 cups of sugar. It also equals about 5 hours of work for Debbie and me (for a total of 10 person-hours). But, it sure is good! Now all we need to do is limit ourselves to one pint a week and we will have enough until next year—yah, right! Like that will happen...

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