Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is this church?

Something to make you think over at The Heresy (gotta love that name!). Here's an excerpt:

In church many things aren’t really what we say they are

· We sit in rows all facing the same direction listening to the same person and we call that community.

· We chit chat about superficial things for 10 minutes with a coffee in our hands and we call that fellowship.

· We listen to messages that most of us promptly forget 10 minutes after leaving the building and we call that discipleship.

· We spend most of our money for people and programs to serve ourselves while telling ourselves we are building God’s Kingdom.

· We feel terribly isolated despite being surrounded by people because we are afraid to be ourselves. We stay so we can be accountable.

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Sadly, he has pegged what many people think of as "church." Looks pretty pale next to the book of Acts, doesn't it? By all means read the rest of the post; he makes a good observation about the "Jesus +" attitude.
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