Monday, June 01, 2009

The "Word of God"

Great post over at Jesus Creed about the Bible. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite:

We err when we make scripture the foundation of our faith.  Our foundation is God alone, the rock on which we stand is God alone - and his work in this world, including the atoning work of Christ. The authority of scripture is a shorthand for the authority of God - revealed by the Spirit. Scripture illuminates God, his nature and his interaction with his creation - it tells his story, and it does so reliably. But it does so in a fashion that may tell important theological truths in mythic form.

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The early church fathers were always careful to make sure that when they said “word of God” you knew they meant Jesus. Earlier in the post the statement is made that John 1:1 doesn't say the word was written down, but that it became flesh! That, my friends, is an important, but oft forgotten, point. Our God is a relational God.
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Anonymous said...

I always liked the term "Bibliolatry"

Joel and Renée said...

Amen. I've recently started using the term "scripture" where I used to say "the word", in reference to the Bible.