Monday, April 19, 2010

Preach it, brother!

Jim West talks about Goldman Sachs and their bonuses (which are way too high), but then comments: "Being the thief of $3 is just as much a sin as being the thief of $3 billion. And all such greed driven sin arises because our entire western culture is bereft of an ethical center."

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As many have heard me say, when money is your god, you will do anything to serve that god...
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Anonymous said...

That's good. I realized this weekend, being at a Homeschool convention, that even trying to save money can be a god. Friends of mine kept recommending cheaper curriculums to me b/c the one I know the Lord has led me to buy is a bit pricey. I need to obey the Lord, even if it means spending more money. Love, Renee

jps said...

Very good observation, Renee. If all we have belongs to God, then it's only our responsibility to obey; he takes care of the supply.