Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What kind of God?

Robin Parry comments on the kind of god many people are looking for versus the God he wants:

I don't want God as an inflated version of my best mate (who is always in a good mood and just wants to cuddle people when they fall down). I want a God who smokes (in the Sinai sense). I want the transcendent-immanent God of the Bible. I want to know the God who surpasses knowledge.

Don't give me that slushy-puppy-God and don't teach my kids that God is like that!

Give us the God that makes us fall down on our faces in wonder, love, and awe. Anything else is in danger of being an idol.

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Personally, I agree with Robin. Don't give me a "nice" god; that would be too much in my own image. I need a God that can save me from myself!
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