Thursday, April 01, 2010

Special Eisenbrauns April First sale!

Breaking news from Eisenbrauns:

BookNews from Eisenbrauns

Spring is finally here, and the many avid gardeners among us are turning over a new leaf — quite literally, in the case of our compost piles. With that in mind, we bring you four new products from partner Winged Bull Press on the themes of "green" and "compost." Happy digging!

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Find this, the "Deal of the Decade," and all the latest Winged Bull Press titles here:
>New Titles from Winged Bull Press

The Royal Outhouses of Ashurbanipal
by Professor P. Spewforth
List Price: $145.00
Your Price: $130.50

This series of tablets recently appeared on the antiquities market and was snatched up by Winged Bull Press. Contained on 20 tablets were the actual clay prints (you can't really say blueprints, can you?) for Ashurbanipal's royal outhouses, including permanent and portable models...more at:

Antediluvian Animals
by Noah S. Ark and Gon A. Fishin
List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $71.25
In the finest tradition of First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 2: The Unknown Languages, Winged Bull Press is pleased to bring you great eyewitness accounts of the nesting rituals of unicornus mythicus and the socialization of young Yeti...more at:

Winged Bull Compost Bin
Your Price: $225.00

Fertile minds generate lots of paper. Winged Bull Press has the solution. The great minds at Winged Bull Press have always felt that the Green Press Initiative is a great start, but didn't go far enough. This past year, after numerous market tests and much research, they are proud to announce the solution to messy desks, overflowing inboxes, and the general paper clutter that is so abundant in the academic setting.

Introducing the Winged Bull Compost Bin. Now available in three models...more at:

Academia Nuts—Sampler Pack
Your Price: $15.00
There are a lot of nuts in the academic world, but none compare to these.

Generous 1 lb. sampler pack includes our famous Publish-or-Perish Pistachios™, as well as Peanuts, Comma, Working For™ and the occasional Chestnut of Wisdom™.

Academia Nuts... if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!

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Joel and Renée said...

haha, I like the author's names: Professor P. Spewforth. Very funny.
:) -Renee