Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grab the talisman!

Curse-acts supporting unconditional curses are perhaps the most horrifying and are generally used reactively. Because no stipulations are attached to the malediction, the harm the curse-acts depict are to guide the deities in their present judgment of the situation that precipitated the need to perform the curse-act. This means that the target of the unconditional imprecation has very little control over the predicament and must rely solely on the just ruling of the deities for deferral of the execution of the malediction’s injury. Because this is the case, if the target ever becomes aware of the unconditional curse and is innocent, then the only means of defense against the malediction is the direct petition of the heavenly realm to relent. Sacrifices, prayers, and purification rituals would be the only methods available to the victim against the effects of any and all unconditional curse-acts.—Cursed Are You!, page 435

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