Monday, March 23, 2015

Whoda judge?

Forgiveness is not about disregarding justice. For me, holding on to an offense reflects my desire for the offender to hurt as much as I have. We don’t like to be this honest, but our hesitance to forgive is often based in our desire for some kind of revenge. However, it’s not our place to see that others pay for their actions; that job belongs to God. Forgiveness is not a statement about disregarding justice but a statement about who will execute justice.—What’s Your Secret? page 152

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A bit too honest, isn't he? Forgiveness means letting God take care of the offense, not I. It is acknowledging that I'm not God—in fact, I'm not even a god...what a blow to my self-esteem—and we all know that self-esteem is the ultimate definition of who I am, right? He says, cynically.
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