Monday, March 30, 2015

Heart holiness

There is something about being heart focused that frees us, and that’s why Jesus continually addresses the heart. He lambasted the Pharisees for neglecting the heart, pointed the rich ruler toward an issue of the heart, and praised the widow for her fully devoted heart (Matt. 23; Luke 18; Mark 12). When we’re convicted of greed, it’s not about money; when we lust, it’s not about sex; and when we get angry, it’s not about revenge— it’s all about what happens in the secret places of our hearts.—What’s Your Secret? pages 192–93

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And that is why I always precede the word "holiness" with "heart." We need heart holiness. Anything less is legalism, which is a dead end, as we all know (if we're willing to admit it—even to ourselves).
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