Friday, March 06, 2015

Quick fix Christianity

Perhaps because we are impatient and addicted to quick fixes, one-answer solutions, and shortcuts, we love the three steps to a healthy marriage, the four keys to finding your calling, or the top ten ways to financial freedom. These tips may be helpful, but we shouldn’t be disappointed when they don’t cultivate intimacy in our marriages, develop a true sense of purpose in our lives, or root out the greed that drives us to hoard our wealth. In our attempt to solve our problems, have we traded the best solution for a cheap substitute? Have we exchanged true Holy Spirit empowerment for self-disciplined yet largely ineffective regimens? Have we traded repentance for a complex psychological assessment, intimacy for programmatic structures, or salvation for religion?—What’s Your Secret? page 96

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The short answer is, "Yes."

The long answer is a lot more complicated, but, in short, we have definitely short-changed ourselves. I read the writings of the Church Fathers and à Kempis and see that they wrestled with things. Really wrestled with how to become holy. I might not agree with their techniques, but I agree with their heart motives.

We've lost that. We have surrendered to the quick-fix that society offers. But we've lost true intimacy with God. True "striving after holiness." Lord, deliver us! Open our eyes to where we've sold you and ourselves short!
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