Monday, March 16, 2020

A timely word

In taking from the tree, Adam and Eve were trying to set themselves up as a satellite center of wisdom apart from God. It is a childish sort of response: “I can do it myself” or “I want to do it my way!” These are not a rejection of authority per se but an insistence on independence. The act is an assertion that “it’s all about me,” and it is one that has characterized humanity (individually and corporately) since this first act. With people as the source and center of wisdom, the result was not order centered on them but disorder. This disorder extended to all people of all time as well as to the cosmos, and life in God’s presence was forfeited.—The Lost World of Adam and Eve, pp. 142–43 (emphasis original)

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A timely reminder, as the world descends into chaos. Unfortunately, times of stress seem to bring out the worst in some people. Or, perhaps more accurately, reveals who they really are, as some people are responding in amazingly loving ways. But others seem intent on proving that the above quotation is true.

Which will you be? A blessing or a curse? A hoarder? Or a giver?

Me? I'm going to choose to follow Jesus and be a giver.
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