Monday, March 02, 2020

Fun little book

Over the weekend, I managed to pick up a used copy of The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel at a thrift shop. While I was waiting for Debbie to finish shopping, I started reading it. Because I didn't have any way of marking sections (I only had a pen and I don't write in books in pen), I don't have anything highlighted until today's excerpt. I'll be highlighting a few more over the next week or so. It's a delightful little classic (written in 1951); I have the 2005 edition with an introduction by his daughter.
There is much that philosophy could learn from the Bible. To the philosopher the idea of the good is the most exalted idea. But to the Bible the idea of the good is penultimate; it cannot exist without the holy. The good is the base, the holy is the summit. Things created in six days He considered good, the seventh day He made holy.—The Sabbath, p. 75 (emphasis original)

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