Thursday, March 12, 2020

History of religion

History of religion appears at times to be an embarrassment to the theologian, whether biblical or systematic. It may seem to undermine the basis for faith by relativizing it. The awareness of commonality with the “pagan religions” of the ancient Near East raises disturbing questions about the absoluteness and revelatory character of Israel’s faith.—Patrick D. Miller in Divine Doppelgängers: YHWH’s Ancient Look-Alikes, p. 15. Forthcoming from Eisenbrauns.

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This essay is actually a reprint of an essay that was originally published in 1973! Sure there are spots where it hasn't aged so well, but the majority of it is very good. I'm reading through the whole book now, which is currently in press and should be out in the next few weeks. Tag along with me as we discover the wonders of this book, which originally was going to be called God among the gods. Note the lower case "g" on the second one.
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