Monday, March 02, 2020

Finally! Somebody said it!

I realize I have been pretty harsh on the current ruler and the Republican Party of late. Some of you probably are thinking that I have the opinion that the Democrats are better. Not really. Our political system is a human invention and consequently, tainted by sin. And so, when I point out the failings of the current ruler, it isn't because I think a Democrat would do better; it's because I think somebody would do better (in the case of the current ruler, almost anybody would do better!), especially as Christians. We don't need to settle for the lowest common denominator.

Normally I would save the post I'm about to link to until the weekend, but this needs to be seen by as many as possible, so in my little corner of the internet, I'm doing my part.

John Fea, whom you should read, posted this last night. Read it all, but the most important paragraphs are these:

Christians don’t justify immorality by pointing out the sins and flaws of other people and say “what about them?” Since when is the moral behavior of Christians in public dependent upon the behavior of others? Christians are called to live faithful lives according to the standards God has given them through the sacred scriptures. When they see sin at the highest level of government they don’t ignore it, they call it out.

Many evangelicals will vote for Trump again in November because they believe he will continue to appoint conservative federal justices, oppose abortion, defend religious liberty (as evangelicals understand the term), and support Israel. Other evangelicals will vote for him because the economy is doing well. As an evangelical who is pro-life, a defender of religious liberty, and a believer in a strong economy, I strongly disagree with the choices these voters will make. Read my book Believe Me to understand why. But please don’t stand by and let this president’s words, tweets, and actions degrade the character of this country and the witness of the evangelical message–the “Good News”–with his nativism, racism, xenophobia, narcissism, fear-mongering, and disrespect for American institutions.

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That first line is the telling one. Far too many have justified the current ruler's obscenities, etc., by pointing the finger. Stop it! As John said, don't stoop to the standards of this world. We are called to something better!
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