Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden goodies

We ate our first tomato yesterday! And, our second cucumber. The first planting of beans is about done, and the second one is just starting to produce. We've been enjoying kohlrabi and carrots from the garden for over a month now. The carrots were from the January planting; the March carrot planting is about to begin producing.

I planted a package of turnips, but only about 10 came up. I ate two of them the other day. I've decided I'm not a turnip fan... The peas are done; I'll be planting more cucumbers there. And, the last of the Romaine lettuce had to be pulled; it had bolted (gone to seed) and was bitter. I'll put carrots there for a fall crop.

The onions that I have scattered in three different places are a mixed lot. The two in established beds are doing great. In fact, they are about ready to harvest. The planting in the new bed, with little compost, is doing very poorly. Not surprising; the first year we had a garden here, the results were dismal. Very sandy/gravelly soil that needs a lot of compost to do well.

The pepper plants are doing well. We have small peppers on them. The watermelon has small little fruit on it, too. They are cute at that stage, only a few inches in diameter. Won't be long now and they will be huge. I harvested the garlic. Some of it did very well, with large clusters. Some of them weren't so large :) That's ok, I have enough to last the year and some seed for next.

The birds decided that they needed our blueberries more than we did but that's OK. We hadn't expected to get anything off them this year anyway; they are only two years old. Note to self: cover them next year!

The early raspberries are starting to produce; we have everbearing, so the late crop will be fuller and better. But, it does give one a taste of what is coming.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but you get the idea...Oh yeah, I made beet pickles last weekend and probably will this weekend as well. Yum!

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Marti said...

ahhhhhhhh. posts like that make me wish i liked vegetables.


maybe someday.