Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Monday morning, we had a very severe thunderstorm here in northern Indiana. Someone told me the winds were clocked at over 70 miles per hour. I'm not sure how strong they were, but they were strong enough to topple a 60 foot spruce tree in our yard.

It fell across the road, blocking it, but missed the power lines. If the wind had been from the west instead of the northwest, it could have gotten ugly. Instead, the county pushed it back into our yard, breaking it in half. It looked quite interesting in the front yard (no, I didn't get a picture of it). I was hoping that it would be their responsibility to clean up—it is within the right-of-way—but a call on Tuesday gave me the news that it was mine.

So, last night, Cliff (our neighbor) and I began the task of cutting it up. We got the limbs done and most of the trunk before dark and a burned out chain stopped us. Tonight will probably see us finishing it up. But, now I have a very large hole in the front yard and a much increased brush pile in the back yard...

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