Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What hope do we have?

“These two aspects [remembering/loathing/shame, and changes in behavior] of the restoration vision in Ezekiel thus reveal the necessity of both internal contrition and external behavioral change to the restoration era. This era is occasioned by a restitution of relationship because of Yahweh’s glory and grace. This sort of vision for real change, however, reminds one of the frustrated attempts of Ezekiel’s generation to respond to the covenantal demands of God. Is there any hope that, even in this new era of restoration occasioned by God’s grace and glory, a human response of contrition and penitence such as this will ever be realized?

“The answer to this question is provided by this prophetic book, which envisions a deep inner transformation of the people accomplished by God himself.”—A Severe Mercy, page 291

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That's our only hope: a "deep inner transformation accomplished by God himself." We can't do it, never, ever! But, he can and did. That is something worth sharing and getting excited about!
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