Friday, July 08, 2011

Grace only, grace always

“The consistent lack of response from the people in this book [Hosea], however, creates the expectation that the obedience of the people would be ultimately possible only through the initiative (2:24–23, 3:1–5, 11:8–11) and transforming work (14:4) of Yahweh. Hosea, therefore, envisions a role for the prophetic call to repentance as well as the discipline of God to deal with sin, but in the end the greatest hope for remedying sin is placed on the passionate grace, unilateral initiative, and transforming work of Yahweh to create penitence that is both authentic and enduring.”—A Severe Mercy, pages 304

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Again, grace—unilateral grace. Only that can create a true and lasting repentance (and remember repentance in Hebrew means to turn and move away from something).
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