Thursday, January 22, 2015

Always pursuing us

Both sons were in the wrong, and it was really their responsibility to seek out the father. The younger son did, and the father was waiting. As soon as he could see his son on the horizon, he ran to him. He didn’t sit back and wait. He didn’t make his son sweat out each last step. He didn’t posture himself as most patriarchs would have back then, full of pride and indignant about any disrespect. No, he ran to his son.

And when the older brother was in the field, the father left the celebration to find him. He engaged his son even when he didn’t have to.

What do both of these interactions tell.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition

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As Augustine said, the Holy Spirit is the hound of heaven (I know, this post is about the Father!). And I praise God that he is still pursuing me—despite my many stupid, selfish mistakes/sins...
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