Friday, January 16, 2015

Who's the subject of the sentence?

We think, It’s too late now. I don’t have time to get cleaned up. I don’t have time to get my life together. But it’s not too late—the Father wants you just the way you are. When you finally act, your heavenly Father comes running with arms wide open. He loves you just as you are, but He doesn’t leave you that way. He puts His best robe on your dirty body. He puts the family ring on your hand. He kills the fattened calf.

Meat was a rare delicacy during Jesus’s time. It might get served at a party, but nothing was more extravagant than killing a fat calf.

Do you see how quickly the focus of the story shifts from the action of the son to the action of the father? We make the story all about us, and it feels too late. But the story is really about the Father. And it’s never too late.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition

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