Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Do ut des?

[T]he lack of emphasis on the promises that come to the one fasting—Jesus only promises “reward”—means we need to avoid motivating people to fast by what they might gain. The obsession some have with marketing fasting because of its many blessings can be called “benefititis,” the inflammation of material and spiritual blessings that come to the one who fasts. There are no guarantees because fasting is not a mechanical device we ply in order to get something.— Sermon on the Mount, page 200

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But isn't that so like our culture? We reduce everything to the balance sheet. I do this, I get that. No payback? Why should I do it?

Far more pagan that Christian, isn't it? We just rarely take the time to look at it so baldly...

By the way, do ut des is a Latin phrase that means I give so that you will give. About sums up our view of life doesn't it?
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