Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Athens as Paul saw it

Instead of a romantic view of Athens as the place of university-like debate, Luke portrays the city’s rampant idolatry—Paul is rightly vexed—as the context in which the Christian preaching of the resurrection of Jesus (1) is distorted and (2) results in a potentially life-threatening situation for Paul vis-à-vis the political authorities (who are themselves enmeshed in hypocrisy).—World Upside Down, page 33

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Makes you want to read the book, doesn't it? : )

How is the resurrection being distorted? Why is Paul in a life-threatening situation? How are the political authorities enmeshed in hypocrisy?

You'll have to read the book because it's too complicated to answer in this space. Trust me, though, this book is worth the time and energy—especially if you know Greek and think you know a good bit about the New Testament world...

And I do praise God for interlibrary loan!
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