Saturday, May 09, 2015

A potentially valuable piece of information

I've been meaning to post this for about a month now...

A pint might be a pound the world around, but it just ain't so. The other day we were getting ready to make a tincture of licorice root and ginger root (it makes a great cough suppressant). We needed to know how many ounces of licorice root to buy to make a cup.

I searched high and low on the Internet. No hits! What?! Nobody else needs to know how many ounces of licorice root in a cup? So this is my small donation to the knowledge of the world: 4 ounces (a quarter of a pound) of chopped licorice root is equal to one cup.

So now you know! In the end we were able to get it at the co-op, so we didn't need to order it. But somebody else might find this information useful.

By the way, our recipe (which we got from our daughter, Renée) is 1 cup chopped licorice root, 1 cup grated ginger root in a quart jar. Fill to the top with vodka. Set it in a dark place and shake it once a day. We usually let it steep about 8–10 weeks, but I've seen a lot of people say it is ready after 3–4 weeks. Strain and store in a dark place. 1–2 teaspoons is sufficient for about 8 hours.

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