Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So what do I call it?

Most of you (all two of you?) have probably seen the announcement from last Friday. If not, here it is:

As the announcement says, I'm working for Eisenbrauns once again—part-time. We are still on the North Shore of Lake Superior and have no intentions of moving. But, it raises a dilemma. What do I now call this blog? One person suggested I rename it Idle musings of a former former bookseller. Clever! But potentially confusing. I thought maybe something like Idle musings of a once-again bookseller. What do you think? Put your ideas in the comments.


Nick Norelli said...

I have no ideas for blog titles but congratulations my friend!


How about the Idle Musings of a former and future bookseller

jps said...

Nick, Thanks!

Lonnie, the problem is that I am currently a bookseller. And only God knows the future!


Tim Bulkeley said...

Idle Musings of a Twice-born Bookseller?

Kirk Lowery said...

How about "Idle musings of a once and future bookseller?" ;-)