Thursday, May 21, 2015

Learning: easy and fun!

It is because children learn continuously and effortlessly that adults generally fail to give them credit for the amount of learning that they do. It is a common adult belief that learning is a difficult and even painful activity, that it involves grappling with something that you don’t understand, and therefore necessarily leaves marks of effort and strain. But in fact, the sight of a child struggling to learn is a clear sign that learning is not taking place, that the child is confronted by something incomprehensible. When learning does occur, it is inconspicious.—Understanding Reading, page 202

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I agree. When I was teaching High School Latin, a sure sign they weren't getting it was when they looked like they were trying too hard.

That's the end of that book, by the way. Not sure what I'll excerpt from next. Maybe I'll just stick to one book/post in a day for a while. The cabins are starting to pick up as Memorial Day approaches and I'm editing a couple of books and working part-time for Eisenbrauns. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for reading for leisure—and then typing in the excerpts for your dining and listening pleasure. But, we'll see. I've got some great books that are begging for me to read them...
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