Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So why do it?

I believe legalism is so popular because it’s much easier than carefully evaluating what’s earthly and what’s worldly. Not better or more fun, but easier. By simply following a list someone gives you, you can feel safe and secure. Likewise, worldliness is pretty easy—just plow thoughtlessly into everything the world (in the bad sense) has to offer. It’s also a lot of fun…at least until you start suffering the consequences. It’s also easier to mock legalistic Christians than to pursue righteousness.—Radically Normal, electronic edition

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I think there is one guilty culprit, the author hasn't included here: no discipleship. We don't do the work Jesus taught; John 8:31-32 Matthew 28:18-20. We aren't given the road to follow. We're asked to raise a hand, walk and aisle, say a canned prayer, and get wet. People may be told to get a Bible and try to spend time in prayer. When was the last time anyone said, "Hey, for the next two years or so we're gonna spend a lot of time with you actually teaching you exactly what Jesus means when he said, "Abide in my teachings...?" When did you hear it said: "We're going to teach you hermeneutics and exegesis?" "We're going to give you a prayer outline, and show you how to start using it?" "In addition we're going to plug you into weekly ministry opportunities where you will see how we share the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach you tithing, and train you as a family how life change is an absolute, not an option?"

We can hold up the standard all we want, but without the expectation for discipleship, so what? Jesus told us what to do, so how bout we get about doing that?