Friday, January 13, 2006

Eisenshirt day

Eisenbrauns bought all of its employees embroidered shirts recently. We could choose what shirt we wanted, and Eisenbrauns bought it and put the logo on it. They arrived on Tuesday and we decided to celebrate Friday the thirteenth as "Eisenshirt" day. We have various other "Eisen" days, the favorites being Eisentreat and Eisenbrownie day (food!!!). Anyway, Amy (accounting) and Marti (customer service) ended up getting shirts that matched their Eisenmugs. We just had to take a picture. In the background is "Rex the Ibex" and a bookcase of Eisenbrauns publications. Marti is on the left, Amy on the right.


Jim said...

I want one!

Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


I have a great idea. This next year's mug should have the Eisenbrauns logo over some neat cuneiform. The next year could be Egyptian, and then Sumerian. Now these three mugs would be given out over a three year period and you might even make them a limited edition. I bet that they would be a very hot item at SBL. I would want at least two sets - one for drinking out of and one to put on my desk. What do you think?

jps said...


I like the idea, but we could make it a 5 year cycle, include Hebrew and Greek. What do you think?

I was just getting ready to design this year's mug. Maybe the opeing lines of Enuma Elish?

Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


This is a very good idea! I like the idea of the Enuma Elish. Very Very good idea!