Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How do we make moral decisions?

That is the question Scot McKnight is raising on his blog today. Here is an excerpt:

"Let me suggest at this point that there are five elements, and each interacts with one another rather than being a simplistic conveyor belt series of actions:

1. Biblical statement (and interpretation)
2. Church tradition (shaped by denomination or “brand of Christian”) and resolution
3. Cultural context and the legal system (don’t deny it)
4. Experience and individual conscience
5. Reason: penetrating, at some level, everything above."

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Of course number 1, right? But, numbers 2-5, even though we don't acknowledge it, are probably just as strong. In fact, numbers 3 & 4 are probably stronger than any of the other ones, unless we consciously exclude them. Personally, seeing some of the decisions being made, I doubt that 5 has much say in a lot of people's lives :(
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