Friday, January 13, 2006

New commentary series

Baker/Brazos Press has come out with a new commentary series. I know what you're thinking, "Not another set of commentaries, there are already too many."
Well, this one has a different focus. It is a theological commentary, and the first volume is done by Pelikan, so it isn't going to be the average run of the mill commentary.

From the prospectus:

"Jaroslav Pelikan initiates this forty-volume commentary series with his work on Acts. This commentary, like each in the series, is designed to serve the church--through aid in preaching, teaching, study groups, and so forth--and demonstrate the continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of the Bible.

"Pastors and leaders of the classical church--such as Augustine, Calvin, Luther, and Wesley--interpreted the Bible theologically, believing Scripture as a whole witnessed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern interpreters of the Bible questioned this premise. But in recent decades, a critical mass of theologians and biblical scholars has begun to reassert the priority of a theological reading of Scripture."

So, what do you think? Give me your feedback (ok, I confess, I bought deep on this title...did I make a mistake?).

Here's the bibliographical stuff:

Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible - BTCB
by Jaroslav Pelikan
Brazos Press,
320 pages, English
ISBN: 1587430940
List Price: $29.99
Your Price: $20.96

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