Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First new Eisenbrauns title of the year

Just arrived yesterday afternoon, fresh from Israel (it's a co-publication with Magnes Press). We were told it would be here at the end of January, and you can't get much closer than the 30th :)

Biblical Hebrew in Its Northwest Semitic Setting

Biblical Hebrew in Its Northwest Semitic Setting
Typological and Historical Perspectives
Edited by Steven E. Fassberg and Avi Hurvitz
324 pages, English
ISBN: 1575061163
Your Price: $45.00

Here's a list of what's in it:

Moshe Bar-Asher The Qal Passive Participle of Geminate Verbs in Biblical Hebrew
Joshua Blau Problems of Noun Inflection in Arabic: Reflections on the Diptore Declension
John A. Emerton 'The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel and Ancient Hebrew History Writing
Steven E. Fassberg Sequences of Positive Commands in Biblical Hebrew
W. Randall Garr The Paragogic run in Rhetorical Perspective
Edward L. Greenstein Forms and Functions of the Finite Verb in Ugaritic Narrative Verse
John Huchnergard On the Etymology of the Hebrew Relative
Avi Hurvitz Continuity and Change in Biblical Hebrew: The Linguistic History of a Formulaic Idiom from the Realm of the Royal Court
Jan Joosten The Disappearance of Iterative WEQATAL in the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System
Menahem Zevi Kaddari Homonymy and Polysemy in the New Modern Hebrew Lexicon of the Hebrew Bible
Geoffrey Khan Some Aspects of the Copula in North West Semitic
André Lemaire Hebrew and Aramaic in the First Millennium BCE in the Light of Epigraphic Evidence (Socio-Historical Aspects)
André Lemaire and Ada Yardeni New Hebrew Ostraca from the Shephelah
Mordechay Mishor On the Language and Text of Exodus 18
Adina Moshavi The Discourse Functions of Object / Adverbial-Fronting in Biblical Hebrew
Alviero Niccacci The Biblical Hebrew Verbal System in Poetry
M. O'Connor The Human Characters' Names in the Ugaritic Poems: Onomastic Eccentricity in Bronze-Age West Semitic and the Name Daniel in Particular
Frank H. Polak Linguistic and Stylistic Aspects of Epic Formulae in Ancient Semitic Poetry and Biblical Narrative
Elisha Qimron The Pausal Patah in Biblical Hebrew
Gary A. Rendsburg Israelian Hebrew in the Song of Songs
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Christopher Heard said...

Wonderful news. I just hope there's a deep discount at WECSOR. :-)

jps said...

I always send order forms and catalogs to the regionals. Watch for them, although the discount won't be as deep on this book since it is a co-pub.