Friday, January 27, 2006


Earlier this week our church had a prayer meeting and during the meeting one of the men felt God was convicting him that he had to seek forgiveness from his ex-wife. They had been divorced for over 16 years and he had let the unforgiveness go, thinking time would make it go away. While I was thinking inside myself, "How can anyone let unforgiveness fester that long?" God "hit me up the side of the head" as they say around here. I needed to seek forgiveness from a co-worker for something that I had done in November. I knew it, but had been putting it off. Talk about an object lesson in the Sermon on the Mount and the speck versus the log!

I confessed my sin to the group in letting unforgiveness go. But, now the tough part, asking the person to forgive me. I put it off until today, and was on my way home when I felt that nudge. I turned around and went back. But, did I do it? NO! I got distracted by some other things, talked to the person and left. Totally forgot why I had come back. As I was walking across the parking lot, I felt that nudge again. "I'll look like a fool if I go back now," I said to myself. Well, the option was a weekend of misery because of disobedience. I turned around again and walked back. This time I did it, I managed to ask forgiveness. And the other person lit up and forgave me. They knew I needed to do it, I knew I needed to do it and they were more than willing to forgive.

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Jim said...

Excellent. Now if I could just forgive the mean people who meanly have forgotten to send me various and sundry mugs.... (Not that I have anyone in mind! Especially not you, since I got one from you in PA).

Well done by you!