Thursday, April 24, 2014

Atheism's cause

Atheism is partly the result of bad theology, an unpaid bill resulting from failures in depicting God. How often have people been given the impression of God as a being exalting himself at our expense! One might be afraid of such a God, but no one would be attracted to love him. So often lacking has been the vision of the triune God as an event of open, dynamic, loving relations. It is not surprising that many have rejected God when there has been so little to attract then to him. Perhaps they would not reject as readily the God disclosed in Jesus, who is an event of loving relationality and relates readily to the temporal world.— Flame of Love, page 42

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Hmmm...written as if yesterday, addressing the claims of the "Young, restless, and Reformed" crowd...and right on the money. Who would want to spend eternity with a God that is only concerned with his glory? I find the God depicted in the Bible far preferable to the constructed God of the systematic Calvinist theologians...they need a good dose of Brunner! He was Reformed, but he got it right—God's actions spring from the Trinitarian loving fellowship within the Godhead.
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