Friday, April 25, 2014

Thought for a snowy Friday

It's snowing here—again. We're expected to get about 10-12 inches; so far we have about 8 inches of slushy, slippery, but beautiful snow. White snow, covering over the dirty remnants of our winter snows and the sand and mud that accumulate over the season. Reminds me of Isaiah..."white as snow." The contrast is even starker this time of year, before new life appears. But I digress; here's a snippet from Finney that seems to fit:
A person may believe that Christ came to save sinners, and on that ground may submit to Him, to be saved; while he does not submit wholly to Him, to be governed and disposed of. His submission is only on condition that he shall be saved. It is never with that unreserved confidence in God's whole character, that leads him to say, "Let thy will be done." He only submits to be saved. His religion is the religion of law. The other is gospel religion. One is selfish, the other benevolent. Here lies the true difference between the two classes. The religion of one is outward and hypocritical. The other is that of the heart, holy, and acceptable to God.—Charles Finney

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