Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Limiting God

Let us stop demoting the Spirit, relegating him to spheres of church and piety. His role in creation is foundational to these other activities. The whole creation is home to the Spirit’s operations, and the cosmic fruits issue in new creation. The Spirit is the perfecter of the works of God in creation.— Flame of Love, page 63

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Amen and amen! Most Christians are binitarians. Check that. Most trinitarian christians have a trinity (yes, lower case!) that is Father, Son, and Holy Bible. Go and do it! Imitate Christ (like you can do it without the power of the Holy Spirit!). No wonder you have so many failures in high place (they happen in low places, too; we just don't hear about them because they aren't scandalous enough). No power of the indwelling savior in the form of the Holy Spirit, no deliverance from sin. And no beauty in creation. You can't separate them. Physical creation is just one aspect of the Holy Spirit's ongoing work in creation...
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