Thursday, April 17, 2014

He pegs it

Spirit in Western traditions tends to be confined to the institutional church and to be seen as the power of salvation, not of creation also. We have placed emphasis on the sermon and the clergy at the expense of the Spirit. We have prized our versions of decency and order so highly that outpourings of the Spirit pose a threat. Many appear afraid of the Spirit, lest their worlds be shaken and they be swept up into God’s Sabbath play. So often we set up barriers to the Spirit and stifle the voices that speak to us of openness and celebration. “Forgetfulness” may be too kind a way to refer to the problem. We cannot even rule out the possibility of suppression at times.— Flame of Love, page 11

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He pegs it, doesn't he? I had heard a lot about this book over the years, but have only now gotten around to reading it. Excellent book; I always liked Pinnock's stuff—although I think his open view is wrong—totally wrong.
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