Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ordained by God?

The first reason why you are not to be conformed to this world in business, is that the principle of the world is that of supreme selfishness. This is true universally, in the pursuit of business. The whole course of business in the world is governed and regulated by the maxims of supreme and unmixed selfishness. It is regulated without the least regard to the commands of God, or the glory of God, or the welfare of their fellow men. The maxims of business generally current among business men, and the habits and usages of business men, are all based upon supreme selfishness. Who does not know, that in making bargains, the business men of the world consult their own interest, and seek their own benefit, and not the benefit of those they deal with?

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Yet I have heard people argue that capitalism in the God-ordained system of business! Not sure which god they are speaking of, but it certainly isn't the God of the Bible! Finney's insights here are just as relevant—and just as ignored!—today as they were 175 years ago...we are still just as badly in need of redemption and revival now as we were then.

Even so, come Lord Jesus! Come and bring revival to this land and especially to your church!
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