Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good bicycle accessories

Two weekends ago my bike headlight stopped working—well, actually it wouldn't stop working. The switch broke somehow and the light wouldn't turn off or flash as it was supposed to. I took it apart, changed the batteries, tried to figure out the switch, all to no avail. It is a microswitch and not user serviceable. And it was only a little over a year old!

I figured it was out of warranty and was resigned to buying a new one. But, I thought I should at least check the company's web site first. There was a section for warranty replacement, but no details on what the warranty was. So, I e-mailed and asked how I could know if the light was still under warranty. The next day I received a reply, complete with a return authorization number. Turns out that the light has a lifetime warranty! All they asked was that I return it to them. They want to do a postmortem on it for quality improvement. I mailed it off a day or two later—postage was under $2.00—and expected a new one in about a week or two. Two days later, I have a brand new headlight in the mail! How's that for service?

The name of the company, you ask? Planet Bike, of course!

I love their lights; the tail light that I have is visible for over ½ mile and strobes in such a way that you can't miss it. The Beamer 5 headlight strobes, too, but it also can be a steady on, which is really handy in my winter commutes when I ride through the woods every morning and evening in the dark.

So, now I have another reason to recommend them. Not only do their products work wonderfully well, but their warranty service is phenomenal, too.

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