Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What a gift

"The truth is that as long as we can handle life, we don't think we need God. We'll tip our hat to Him, but we're doing just fine. Then when we can't handle life, we want Him to get us out of the jam. And He tells us, “I made the jam. Why do I want to get you out of it?” It's the gift of misery."— The Rest of the Gospel: When the partial Gospel has worn you out, pages 221-222

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We see it all the time, don't we? They talk about the God-of-the-gaps, but this is far more common; maybe the God-of-the-foxhole should be what we call it. God puts us in situations where we are required to depend on him, and him alone, or we will fail. What a great place to be!
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