Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thought for today

"God through us is only interested in what's best for the other person. Beloved, get that straight. Christ through you is not interested in what's best for you. That's hard. Christ through you, as He is using you, in only interested in what's best for the other person.

"That's why there's a death in this life. There is a daily dying. We don't get up in the morning and try to die, but we daily recognize that we are dead. We're dead to those feelings and thoughts that pulls us this way and that...

"I'm talking about a quality of life and love that is characterized by rest. It is lived from the spirit, not the soul. If we haven't learned this yet, He's going to keep running experiences by us until we do. The only reason that's true is because you signed on. You told God you wanted to be His instrument, His vessel. The book of Hebrew says a real father chastens his kids. He corrects his kids. He wants what is best for his kids. He wants his kids to grow up and be adults to take their proper place, to be an extension of the father."— The Rest of the Gospel: When the partial Gospel has worn you out, pages 233, 234

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